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Inquiry Project Applications

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Stay tuned for the Fall 2021 Application Form!



School District No. 48 (Sea to Sky) is again providing teachers with an opportunity to work collaboratively on an inquiry question of their choosing. Again this year, we are partnering with the Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE), a provincial Inquiry Network.

Being part of the NOIIE brings additional funds to the team to support future inquiry projects. It also provides an Inquiry Framework to guide the work. The framework is the Spirals of Inquiry. This process is open to teams ranging from two to six colleagues, offering release time for each person. To be part of the NOIIE, each team will submit their inquiry proposal to the NOIIE. The deadline for submission to the NOIIE is end of November. Teams will submit a case study of their inquiry to the NOIIE in the spring. The case studies from 2018-2019 can be viewed here for some great examples and some inspiration. Teams will receive an additional grant from the NOIIE of up to $500 for the following year.


Inquiry Categories:

There are three inquiry categories from which to apply this year. Preference will be given to applications that have an Authentic Real World focus. The options are identified on the application form as:

  1. Health Promoting Schools (whole school project focus)

  2. Addressing a Real World Problem (classroom project/inquiry focus)

  3. Authentic Learning (professional inquiry)

The Health Promoting Schools option is intended to provide an opportunity for a team to build an initiative with a school wide focus. Ie (identifying two or three caring adults for all learners, mental health and wellness).

The second option is intended to encourage a team to co-plan, co-teach and co-assess a project with your class that addresses a real world problem. Release time is available for planning and some funds are available to support field trips, expert infusion, etc.

The third option is designed to provide opportunity to work with a colleague on a professional inquiry in the area of Authentic Learning.


Project Requirements:

Teams will be provided with 1.5 days of release time plus a small amount of money for group supplies, as per our past practice.

Participants will be required to attend five events outside the school day:

Dinner Meeting: Orientation and Team Planning (November - TBD)

Online Zoom Meeting #1: Planning Session (January - TBD)

Online Zoom Meeting #2: Planning Session (March - TBD)

Online Zoom Meeting #3: Planning Session (April - TBD)

Dinner Meeting: Sharing Session / Year End Wrap Up (June - TBD)


Application Process:

Successful applications will require one team member to complete the application form. Deadline for 2021 applications will be announced in September.

The committee is looking forward to reviewing your applications, and we are especially looking forward to working with you and hearing about your learning through this very popular district structure!