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Student Learning Forum

 Our 2019/2020 Student Learning Forum event was cancelled.

Please stay tuned for upcoming information for our next event!

Annual Forum Project

2019/20: School Policy Waste Management Project

Date: Spring 2020 (Wednesday April 15th)


Community Connections & Authentic Experts:

  • First Nations cultural and political leaders

  • Councillors

  • Water Control/sewage – municipality

  • Stewardship Pemberton

  • Squamish Watershed Society

Learning Intention

Sea to Sky school district is offering an exciting learning opportunity for our learning community to engage in an authentic project. This project will involve a significant provincial and local challenge that exists in the Sea to Sky Corridor: Sustainability. At the end of last year students at HSS presented to the school board asking that we, as a community, rethink our waste management with a focus on district policies around reducing, reusing, recycling and refusing. Students asked the trustees if they could support their efforts. The response was to design this year’s student learning forum to address this topic.

K-12 teachers are invited to take part in this authentic project which will culminate with a Student Learning Forum in the spring in Whistler. The ILT has planned the outline for the project challenge. The challenge can be approached through either a humanities lens or a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lens.

The project will focus on the creation of a school policy that addresses reducing our waste in the school district and our impact within the province of British Columbia. Local and global thinkers have identified this issue as a significant challenge in our world and are interested in our students’ thinking. This brings a high level of authenticity to this project.

Specifically, through a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) lens you can choose one or more of the following:

Create a School Policy that:

  • includes an innovative waste reduction or “Zero Waste” action plan for your school;

  • Includes strategies for Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Refusing.

Some approaches to creating the policy through a humanities lens could include,

  • Reviewing evidence and collect data to estimate the amount of waste in your school to assess how humans contribute to environmental issues.

  • Identifying ways that natural resources shape our local economy.

  • Exploring the local and broader government policies impact waste management.

  • Assessing the significance of stories and traditions from our communities to reflect on sustainable practices that have existed previously and compare them to the ways we treat our waste now.


Funding For the Project


Classrooms may be provided with ILT support including release time for planning or co-teaching and co-assessing.

  • Free Public works yard field trip

  • Free Watershed Society field trip

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2019 Student Learning Forum on Forest Fires.