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Digital Security, Privacy, and Safety


At this age, many of our students have been exposed to technology through toys and devices like their parents' phones or iPads.

This is a great age to start introducing the elements of digital citizenship through stories, videos, class discussions and real life examples.

Grade 2 and 3 students are increasingly being exposed to technology, both at school and at home. They are excited for new challenges and opportunities but still need guidance, as their true understanding of potential problems and dangers is low.
Students of this age are spending increasing time with their peers and not all of that time is overseen by an adult. Actions generally outpace understanding, with the result that students this age can often get themselves in trouble online, without realizing how it happened. This is a crucial age to teach, reinforce and reiterate digital citizenship lessons!
At this age, students are increasingly independent and many have cell phones. This can create a bit of a perfect storm of opportunity without understanding! At the same time, their view of the world is expanding and the internet and social media can give them unprecedented access to both positive and negative influences. They need guidance, time to explore and learn and a safety net to catch them when they fall.
Students are continuing to explore the connections between technology and relationships.  Similarly, they are recognizing the social and emotional impacts technology and media is having on themselves and others. This requires guidance and support to help them distinguish between fact and fiction.