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Public Interest Disclosure Act

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The Board of Education of School District No.48 (Sea to Sky) is committed to honesty, integrity and accountability in its operations, programs and services and to promoting a culture of openness and transparency. The School District encourages and supports all personnel in bringing forward reports of unlawful acts and acts of wrongdoing in a manner consistent with the provisions of the British Columbia Public Interest Disclosure Act (“PIDA”).
We have designed a report form that can be found below for past and present employees to complete. Kindly examine the details provided before proceeding with the form.
Before filling out this Public Interest Disclosure Form, please review the School District’s Policy 709 Public Interest Disclosure and Public Interest Disclosure Administrative Procedures. Please also ensure that you provide all required details and attach copies of any documents you wish to submit as part of your report. The completed form (together with all attachments) may be submitted online (link below) or by mail to PO Box 250, Squamish, BC, V8B 0A2.
Reports made under the Public Interest Disclosure Act are received and held in confidence by the School District. The reports and information received will be used and shared only to the extent reasonable and necessary to assess, investigate and respond to your disclosure and will not be used or disclosed for other purposes except as permitted or required under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Public Interest Disclosure Act or other applicable laws.
Completing the Disclosure Form:
The purpose of this Public Interest Disclosure Form is to assist you in making a disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act. The requested information is to ensure we have sufficient information to carefully review, investigate and respond to your disclosure. If you are unable to provide all requested details at the time you make your initial disclosure, you may ask to submit additional details at a later time.