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A whole-school system that promotes positive mental health, where mental health promotion is embedded in all aspects of the education system, including culture, leadership, curriculum and learning environments (BC Mental Health in Schools Strategy
The Sea to Sky School District is committed to the implementation of the BC Mental Health in Schools Strategy and is taking a multi-tiered approach to implementation. Please visit the links on the side to learn more about our work. 
A Note on Adult Well-Being 
Although the focus of the MHIS Strategy is mental health promotion for students, we also know that the well-being of the adults in the system is just as important. Research confirms stress experienced by school administrators can negatively impact school staff. Teacher stress has been directly linked to increased student stress levels, spilling over from the teacher to the student and impacting social adjustment and student performance (BC Mental Health in Schools Strategy)
Given this, the Sea to Sky School District has collaboratively generated a vision for employee wellness: "Working collaboratively with all employee groups, Schools District No. 48 (Sea to Sky) is committed to strengthening workplace wellbeing. Through focused efforts and shared responsibility, we envision a workplace where all employees' wellbeing is supported to allow them to positively contribute to our mission and the communities we serve."
Structures in Sea to Sky 
SD No. 48 is taking a structured approach to Mental Wellness in schools. To learn more about this process please click here. 
School Based Support Available 
In addition to current school based and district level supports (i.e the Inclusion Support Team and the Instructional Leadership Team) SD No. 48 has a dedicated group of professionals actively working to implement the BC Mental Health in Schools Strategy. Team members can be contacted to help support a variety of mental health initiatives in schools (as they relate to the BC Mental Health in Schools Strategy). 
The Mental Health in Schools team is available to support educators in the Sea to Sky with Mental Health education within the classroom and within the school. If you need help reach out to [email protected]