Communicating Student Learning 10-12 » Insufficient Evidence (IE)

Insufficient Evidence (IE)

The "IE" symbol is used to alert parents/caregivers when students , for a variety of reasons, have not provided sufficient evidence of learning in relation to the Learning Standards. This means that teachers so not have enough information (observations, conversations, and products) to adequately and accurately assess a students. The "IE" symbol may be used on and Written Learning Update. 

Some examples of when an “IE” symbol might be required due to insufficient learning evidence:

  • when a student has recently moved to a new school or district (e.g., arriving a few weeks before the end of a term/semester).

  • when a student has been ill or away from school for a significant period of time (e.g., prolonged student illness, travelling for several weeks, absent for the majority of a given term/semester, etc.).

  • when a student has not demonstrated significant learning evidence (observations, conversations, and products) for the teacher to provide an accurate assessment.

Teachers and families work together when a potential assessment issue arises related to insufficient evidence of learning.  When an "IE" reporting symbol has been assigned, teachers, students, and parents/caretakers work together to discuss the situation, including the subject areas where evidence of learning is unavailable, the potential needs of the student and possible solutions and supports. Where applicable, teachers should provide a clear timeline for resolution, student needs, and a specific plan of action to arrive at a possible solution.


At times, there may be insufficient evidence of learning at the end of the school year.  10-12 students with insufficient evidence at the end of the school year can be provided an “IE” in the applicable subject areas on their Written Learning Update with a comment explaining the circumstances for insufficient evidence.  Teacher(s), Administrators, and School-Based Teams work together to determine the best course of action.