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Self-Reflection & Goal Setting of Competencies



Student self-reflection and goal setting of the competencies must be included in one of the following ways:

  • a link to a digital portfolio
  • reference to where families can access
  • included in the term/global comment on the written report
** where possible, self reflection and goal setting will be shared digitally. **
The requirement of self-reflection is intentionally noted as self-reflection and not as self-assessment. Students are engaging in reflection on the competencies to identify their growth and next steps, rather than assessing or evaluating where they are on a scale. 
Through the process of ongoing self-reflection and goal setting within the competencies, students gain greater ownership and agency in their learning. The key is to notice, name, and nurture the various competencies throughout all the learning experiences that teachers design for their students. Throughout the school year, teachers are to build the language and provide students the opportunity to explore all the competencies: Critical Thinking, Contribute, Collaborate, Create & Innovate. Not all competencies need to be included in a single written learning update. The development of these skills and learning is in keeping with the important work of Monique Grey-Smith. The exploration of the Four Blankets to help support students as they develop their sense of self and build their resilience is further laid out in the MAP (My Action Plan).

Example comment for a Written Learning Update:

“We continue to explore the competencies of Critical Thinking, Contribute, Collaborate and Create and Innovate throughout all of the curriculum. Please see your child’s digital portfolio for details on their goal setting and reflection of these competencies.

example written learning update