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Evidence of Learning


Evidence of Learning

Teachers use a variety of communication strategies to support timely student assessment and reporting practices over the entire school year. This provides parents and guardians with information about student learning and growth as it is happening rather than solely at the traditional reporting times of December/March and June.

Ongoing use of tools such as rubrics, examples of student work, video journals, the student MAP (My Action Plan), presentations of learning, etc. provide timely and comprehensive evidence of student learning when coupled with descriptive feedback specific and in relation to the learning standards.

Where possible evidence of learning will be self-chosen by the student or chosen in collaboration between the teacher/student. Evidence of learning in each curricular area will be shared with parents either digitally, in person or hard copy over the course of the school year and will include the following:


  • the Provincial Proficiency Scale ( Emerging, Developing, Proficient, Extending)
  • descriptive feedback specific to the student's progress in relation to a learning standards
  • descriptive feedback that identifies specific areas for future growth (next steps and supports)
  • Clear, concise, strength based jargon free language


Evidence of Learning & Descriptive Feedback

Descriptive feedback empowers students to adjust what they are doing to continue developing their knowledge, skills, and understandings. Descriptive feedback helps families understand where their children are in their learning, what their next steps are, and how we can work together to best support their children in their continued growth within that curricular area and/or Learning Standard/IEP Goal. Just knowing where a student is on a scale provides minimal information to families to help students move forward in their learning.

Evidence learning descriptive feedback
Examples of Evidence of Learning Coming Soon!